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Jewelry Sale

We buy your used or scrap gold, silver or platinum jewellery and pay immediate cash at fair market value. We use the daily gold spot price as our benchmark and ensure all clients are treated with utmost respect, courtesy, and professionalism. Whether you are looking to sell some of your used jewellery to raise capital for your business or to address other personal needs, GoldTreasure Exchange is here to help.

Cleaning & Polishing

We want to help you keep your jewellery as beautiful as the day you bought it.

We are here to help if anything goes wrong. Our jewellers are highly skilled and can look at jewellery of any age, style and type and will do everything they can to fix it, this includes diamonds, gold jewellery and wrist watches.

With our cleaning service we aim to restore your jewellery to look like new with the use of modern equipment. Also advice that cleaning be carried out annually by a professional.

Jewellery Repairs

You no longer have to travel to Italy or Dubai to have your broken jewellery fixed. We offer a full range of professional jewellery repairs, and remodeling services that enable you recapture the pleasure your jewellery was supposed to give you.

Our suite of jewellery repair services include:

  • Ring Sizing & Re-Sizing: Have a favorite ring that doesnít fit anymore? Our jewelers can determine your proper ring size and professionally size your silver, gold or platinum ring to fit you perfectly.
  • Jewellery Mounting & Prong Re-Tipping: Is your diamond loose in its setting? Proper maintenance and Prong retipping can prevent you from losing your precious stones. We can inspect your jewellery mountings and prongs for wear while you watch our jewelers at work.
  • Precious Stone Replacement: Did your precious stone fall off your jewellery? Our jewelers will replace the stones in any settings - solitaires, channel settings, bezel settings or pave.
  • Necklace, Bangle & Bracelet Repair: Is your jewellery broken and not useable? We inspect and repair broken chains, pendants, and charms. We replace worn out clasps and closures. We will clean/ repair your necklaces, bracelets, or earrings and make them look new again.
Customized Jewelry

Create the jewellery of your dreams. Order your wedding bands and class rings in 10days. We make personalized cufflinks, rings, earrings, bangles, pendants, and studs for traditional outfits. Did you recently lose one of your earrings? We will make a replica for you.

Precious Stone Replacement

We pride ourselves in our stone matching service to ensure a high quality jewellery repair, if we cannot match a stone exactly, we will not carry out the repair. We understand the great sentimental value of rings, especially wedding and engagement rings, and we always take the upmost care with all the jewellery we repair.

Gold Jewellery Loan

Are you in a situation that requires fast access to cash but donít know where to turn? Let GoldTreasure Exchange take the stress out of borrowing and allow you to have the cash needed in less than 24 hours. Using your Gold jewellery as collateral to your loan gets you quick access to cash based on the value of the gold.
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