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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of jewellery do you clean and repair?

We clean and repair gold and silver jewellery.

2. How long does the repair take?

3. Can I change the design of my jewellery?

Yes, we can melt your gold or silver jewellery and remodel to what you want.

4. Do you make wedding bands?

Yes, the in-house goldsmiths make customized wedding bands.

5. My wedding and engagement rings are too tight; can the size be increased?

Yes, we can increase or decrease the size of your wedding or engagement rings.

6. How long does it take to make a wedding band?


7. What is the Gold Jewellery Loan?

Your gold jewellery can be used as collateral to obtain cash loans up to 3months. After the loan is paid back, jewellery will be returned.

8. What are the documents required?

Passport photograph, International Passport or Driver’s License and a Cheque leaf.

9. How long does it take?

The funds are transferred immediately if all documentation requirement have been met.

11.Do you deliver finished work to clients?

No we do not deliver gold jewellery to clients for security reasons however you can send a representative with an authority letter to collect your jewellery.

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