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GoldTreasure Exchange is a one-stop-shop for jewelry services and financial enhancement. We offer Jewelry Services that include: Professional cleaning/ repair of your jewelry to recapture it to its new state and building customized jewelry. Our financial enhancement services are backed up by your jewelry using modern technology in the valuation. Instant payment is made on all jewelry purchased and our prices are based on the daily gold spot price.

At GoldTreasure Exchange, our philosophy is based on integrity, service and professionalism. It is not just a cliché but embedded into every aspect of our operations. We hold firm to the belief that "you are only as good as your staff," and strive to hire and cultivate employees with a strong work ethic who will convey our philosophy. We believe in providing a great "warm" experience while you carry out your transactions with us.

Save on your Dubai travel costs; Dubai Jewelry services are now available in Nigeria courtesy of Gold Treasures Exchange. Give us a try and save the travel cost for another exotic holiday destination.

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